About the trail

The Creative Maidstone Trail is the brainchild of local resident Michael Watts.

Inspired by the enthusiasm that the Heart of Kent Hospice’s Elmer Trail created in 2021, Michael dreamt up the trail to bring together the vast array of creativity that is on display across the borough of Maidstone.

The trail has been crafted by Burning Leaf Creatives for the benefit of families and children across the borough with funding provided by Kent County Council‘s Cultural Sector Build Back Better grant.

We want to create an exciting new activity for families to find the vast array of artwork that we have across Maidstone – incorporating indoor and external activities.

We want to get families and child back in touch with the arts.

The Creative Maidstone Trail covers the whole borough – every corner has something ready for you to explore.

It can be done as one trail or you can choose to complete the smaller themed trails.

The choice truly is yours.

See how many artworks you can find…

It doesn’t matter where you start.
Only that you begin.

Robin Sharma